Sunday, November 15, 2009

India an Observation

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If you want Quality of Life you have to pay the cost.

Independent India can be divided into two eras:

Era # 1 (Till 1991). This period was ruled by Nehru/Gandhi family or like minded PMs (Morarji, etc). This era was characterized by the following:
a. Infrastructure development was put on hold immediately after independence till it resumed in this century
b. Communal riots were so frequent that it got accepted as part of life
c. No economic development. 10 years to get a phone, 8 years for a 2-wheeler, 6 years for Gas connection, 2 cars, 2 2-wheelers, 1 Phone company, 2 TV channels
Era # 2 (Post 1991). This period was ruled by by several parties but no Govt was headed by Nehru/Gandhi family. This era is much different. E.g. Instantaneous phone connection, several options to get a phone, 2-wheeler, car. More than 100 TV channels, etc. etc.
Clearly, the era 1 was the darkest period in Indian history marked by institutionalization of corruption, bigotry, favoritism, poverty, economic stagnation.

17 qualities that distinguishes India from the rest

1) Most corrupt people – Politicians, bureaucrats, Purchase Managers, etc. Corruption is in our blood.
2) Most discriminative people based on anything - religion, caste, region, first name, second name, sub-religion, sub-caste, gotra, etc. etc.
3) Most unsafe, derogatory to women. Dowry. Pre-natal test and killing.
4) Carnage on the roads – most killings on road accidents
5) Most un-civil. We are the oldest un-civilization and continue to be un-civilized.
6) Most uncaring. If an accident victim lies on the road, we just pass by.
7) Most aggressive - road rage is an example
8) People often fall and die in pits, wells left un-covered by contractors.
9) Contractors in connivance with corrupt bureaucrats do a poor quality job. As a result the roads get broken in the very first rain.
10) The begging mafia kidnaps kids (both boys and girls), amputes their arms and legs and send them for begging. This happens only in India.
11) Maximum mafia culture - land mafia, parking lot mafia, rail reservation mafia, you name it and we have it.
12) Most un-accommodating. If traffic light goes off, we crowd each other and then the traffic just stops.
13) Most severe shortages - Water, Power, etc. etc.
14) Least productive. 70% of population is engaged in agriculture
15) Most un-educated
16) Most desperate to settle abroad

Still India is our country after all. So, let us say Mera Bharat Mahan.


Rajashekaran N said...

#14: least productive. 70% population in agriculture. If agriculture is a least productive thing then i dont know how vinitha and family will get rice or vegetables to eat

Vinitha said...

Rajashekaran N