Friday, November 20, 2009

Astrologers and Cheating

I hate Kerala astrologers who cheat. :-(

A friend of mine was cheated of Rs 30,000 @ Megastar Astrologers, 1st Main, Arakere, off BG Road. Beware of that retired postal person!

My friends husband is not working now owing to recession.

Few months ago went to check on the planets etc. What is in store. For soothsaying. Just to make up the mind to take things as it comes.

That Radhakrishnan Nair, sitting in a comfortable AC cabin... told that to make the planets effective her husband has to wear 2 rings and an amulet and do a Navagraha homa costing about Rs 30,000/- in all! :-). What a way to cheat!

So this lady, pushed her husband and made him to spend that money.

So far no results! When she told me and cried, what could I say, other than consoling. This is too much, for a person to flick others money in the name of astrology!

What a waste of time and money! People have to understand, that no way you can change destiny!

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Chithu Rayar said...

I was impressed with your blog for your level headed thoughts. I thought I could add my comments regarding your writings on Astrology with the less knowledge I have in it.

I feel Astrology is a combination of Science and Interpretation. While Science is very straight – any body can learn, Interpretation is purely experience. As Interpretation is a combination of various factors like our planetary positions, status of our influencing persons like our family, friends etc., it is complicated.

I agree with your statement that “we can’t change our destiny”. But I think you know old saying “Vidhiai Mathial Vella mudium” – Destiny can be overcome by shrewd Intelligence.

Take a case where an employee is into bad time. In this time, his reaction to any issues will be different – with his boss, colleagues, customers etc and land into problem – even some times it may cost his job.

Assume that the person approaches an Astrologer. First thing he understands that he is running into bad time. So psychologically he is careful during his challenging situation. Further the Astrologer suggests him to visit the so called Plant temples. Whether the visit is useful or not again psychologically or by fear he is mentally tuned and so he is careful – may be he may change his bad destiny to his fortune.

I think this was what our ancestors say “Vidiyai Mathial Vella Mudium”. May be we can say why the person can not be shrewd earlier – No answer for that.

In my view, Planets influence our mental status/ Thinking pattern. However the effect of this, if we are shrewd we can change the bad effects.

Now coming to the “costly Astrologers”, true astrologer doesn’t ask money – they accept whatever we give. But in cities, it has become a commercial activity and they boost themselves as if they are close to celebrities. In Astrology one other major factor is there is time even for Astrologers. “Vakku Palikkum yogam”. (i:e) whatever knowledge an Astrologer has he, should be blessed with the yogam. That’s why Astrology is not only a science it is beyond that – that “beyond that” we refer as “Godly”.