Monday, January 5, 2009

Kashmir, Pakistan, Religion and Secularism

In the Jammu & Kashmir ministry sworn in, only 2 are non - Muslims, headed by Omar Abdullah. Farooq Abdullah

Read this piece of news somewhere.... (Rediff?)

There is no doubt that Farooq Abdullah is regarded as "secular" face of Kashmiri Muslims. He himself is married to a British Christian. His son and well established politician, an aspirant on the national scene, Omar is married to a Sikh girl, Payal. But when Farooq's daughter Sara marries a Hindu, she is abandoned. Neither Farooq nor his son Omar attended the marriage of Sara.

Farooq likes to bike around with Shabana Azmi, while her husband Javed Akhtar watches!

And we are told that Indian Muslims are the progressive lot!

Similar was the case with another "great" Muslim politician who was and is still portrayed as a "great secular" leader, even though he was instrumental in the creation of Pakistan. Yes, I am talking of Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. When he was in his forties, he married a sixteen year old daughter of his Parsi friend. But when his daughter from this Parsi lady wanted to marry a Parsi Gentleman, this secular Muslim disowned her. She never went to Pakistan.


So much for Secularism!

Nothing would satisfy Muslims to unite under one global umbrella. But at what cost? If there is 100% peace, I can support....

Note - Jammu with 67% Hindus population and now 11 BJP MLA's out of 17 in that area, and 13 Hindu MLA's with 4 times the size of Delhi, can be made a state of India - separately - full state rights like others. The rest of the Kashmir with India and Pakistan, can be made a self governed entity under both adminsitration, taken care by an UN resolution, while Indians, Bangladeshis and Nepalis, can travel there without any Visa. This wont be separatism, if we accept Sikkim acceding to India.

I wish to travel with family, with peace to all parts of erstwhile India.

I just dont understand Politics nor what people want.