Monday, September 7, 2009

YSR Legacy

It was a sad news to hear about YSR ( Andhra CM ) death.

Helicopter ride, weather and so many other conspiracy theories are getting circulated. I recently read on article on a Tamil magazine Nakheeran, about Chennai air command refusing permission to fly @ 1500 meters height, which is allocated for planes/jets only, but not for helirides. I dont know how true it is. The must would have been, to carry a Satphone, with proper GPRS, to track the VIP movement. Isn't is essential?

Hopefully they would publish the findings, such that the next VIP rides are taken serious.

Somewhere I read, that Reddy community is 5% strong in Andhra, while they have 30% MLA / MP seats of the ruling Congress party. Is it typical over the last 5 decades? Rich always rules the poor? There is no democracy?

I understand that YSR has left a legacy of good policies, governance and projects. I am not questioning who benefits most, but asking who can take it forward?

Jaganmohan Reddy, son of CM, an MP from Cudappa, if going by the dynastical politics, would become the next CM of Andhra. But would it happen? Just 120 MLA's supporting may not tilt the favour. He is a political novice, and comparing him with Rajiv Gandhi is totally out of question. People would want the best person for the job. This is where experience comes into play. The interim CM K Rosaiah would be best choice, as various TV channels, and newspapers editors are debating.

Drawing a parallel with Stalin, son of Tamilnadu CM, who is the current Deputy CM, has grown from working for the DMK party of the last 3 decades. Surely, he has grown in stature with hard work. One day, we can see him as CM of Tamilnadu, within his own rights, not by dynasty.

Wishing the people of Andhra Pradesh, all the very best!