Friday, November 28, 2008

Roti and Roti Maker

We bought one Roti Maker, during out trip to Bangalore last year.

A new mall called Total in Madivala....

We paid like Rs 600/- for a Rs 2,000/- item. Not bad.... Not sure about the electricity or the gas saving,as we are almost paying the same for both.

We are using it for more than a year now.

The idea was to have non oil rotis and reduce weight. Target was 10 kilos in a year!

But due to certain factors, eventually have gained weight over last 1 year!

Watchout for number of rotis that gets consumed, and plan well.

How does it work?

You need not roll rotis.

Make a ball of kneeded atta.

Keep it in center of the two round hard tava handles of roti maker, and press hard....

Voila, you get good rotis.


To have soft rotis after making, even hot, store the cooked one's in a towel inside a hot pack. Works!

Do not have the roti kneeded atta, dry. Let it be bit soggy.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008


US is still the land of milk & honey, though they went overboard. It is a lesson for others, how even so well endowed can get one in a shit-hole! But, you have to give in to them for their flair. We saw how the CEOs of auto majors were mauled by the regulators asking for public funding for bare survival. It is like a profligate child begging & the father putting his foot down requesting better behavior! It was played for the whole world to see!

Though some feel they deserve it, it is a lesson how things can go horribly wrong in life by taking the easy route. They were hooked on to oil & went crazy to ensure it. It is like a teenager transfixed by a beautiful lass, little realizing the life's tough lessons that will soon follow.

Bush's presidency were eight lost years. The distant thunder was unmistakable. A rising China, having many eating out of their hands. Son of a gun, Putin entrenching his hold in Russia. Quagmire in Afghanistan & Iraq!

But they will rise. Obama is even Palling with McCain now! Al Gore working for energy independence. In fact, they have it all & Bush years will be an aberration. They attract the best & give them the space to achieve. R & D will again make them reach beyond our stars.

Obama has the making of a great President. When you have such a low base to start with, the success will be tougher but remarkable.

How one longs for a similar approach in a land called India! The sooner, the better! We deserve more!

India is the best still, and see how good we would be in 2009!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mind over matter

Mind over matter is a serious thought that one has to put in...

I have had many scenarios to work upon...

Kids don like some stuff, you have to plan it well...

You should use to mind to get the benefits...

Money (matter) comes along.

I think people understand that!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fertility and Marriage

There is a relative of mine, who got married 3 years ago... She was 25 when she got married.

After studies she did work outside home for sometime....

She is so cool person. One day her mom found about her love interest in the place she was working! Marching orders were given the same day, back to home! Not sure about the truth, but heard from my mom, who heard it from her mom itself.... Women cannot keep secrets don't they!

Her parents, married her off to someone know to the family, people with hidden richness?

The guy is like 9 years elder to her, and they are struggling to have a kid. Both a medically fit, and something is not coming out right! One day there would be light at the end of tunnel!

May God bless them with a kid!

I pray for them!