Saturday, March 27, 2010

Carlton Towers Fire Tragedy

My heart melted after reading this.

Calrton Towers Tragedy a Warning to Society

//The fire engine
which came to the spot did not have water in it.//

They carry minimum water only, to ensure they reach the place fast. It is the duty of the place - building - to provide water hydrants.

The buildings are to be equipped with water and fire hose / extinguishers to a certain extent. Please visit ITPL Bangalore to see how well this is implemented.

I have seen this well implemented in USA. Canada. UAE. Singapore etc..

How long does it take to implement in India?

//ladder didn't reach//

Come on, any building should be built with all fire safety hazards in mind. Now with all the bribes around, people dont even read, what has to be built, to safegaurd occupants.

The buildings have to be built with outside fire safety / exit ladders like that what every building has in New York. ( beyond a certain height, they dont recommend, as win will blow you away! )

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Raju said...

sad state of affairs in Bangalore. something better has to be done, now that BBMP elections are taking place on 28th march 2010